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Alex Fuentes in the Book Trailers

Alejandro Fuentes, who goes by "Alex", is the eldest Fuentes brother. He lives on the south side of Fairfield. He is in the Latino Blood gang to protect his mi'ama and two younger brothers Carlos and Luis. He appears as a tough guy though inside he actually has a kind heart. Alex is married to Brittany Ellis.


On the outside Alex is the tough guy who never backs out without a fight nor refuses any challanges no matter what the odds are or what the challenge. In the inside Alex loves his family and his friends (Paco) so much that he was willing to join Latino Blood so his brothers dont have to. Alex puts up a wall so people cant touch his emotions but when that wall breaks down he is a fun guy to be around. He is willing to hurt the people he loves so they could stay alive (almost ruining his relationship with Brittany). Alex was never willing to permanently hurt anyone or kill them when he was with Latino Blood.

In Rules of Attraction, Alex is very brotherly and sometime a pain in the ass as said by Carlos. Though deep down all he wants his for his brothers to have a future. He is willing to fight for his brother so he doesn't get hurt. Alex is known to have a big ego which time to time leads to bad decisions. When push comes to shove Alex will support you and wish the best for you even if it hurts himself. Alex and Brittany break up for a brief time in this novel since Alex is worried that he is not worth Brittany and will never be accepted by her family. They reconcile towards the end of the novel.

In Chain Reaction, Alex is still very brotherly and is willing to fight for his both of his brothers. At the beginning of the novel, he marries Brittany. During the wedding, Brittany reveals to him that she is pregnant. He becomes a father and husband in this novel which makes him more mature.


Alex is said to be a good looking guy with black hair, gorgeous eyes and plenty of tattoos. Alex is played by Alexander Rodriguez in all the book trailers, so if there was a movie he would most likely play the role of Alex.


Brittany Ellis = wife

Paco Fuentes = son, with Brittany

Unborn/Unnamed child = with Brittany

Lorena Fuentes = mother

Mr. Alejandro Fuentes (deceased) = father

Carlos Fuentes = younger brother

Kiara Westford = sister-in-law

Cecilia Fuentes = Carlos and Kiara's daughter, Alex's niece

2 Unnamed nieces = Carlos and Kiara's daughters

Luis Fuentes = younger brother

Nikki Cruz = sister-in-law

Enrique, Juan and Luis Junior (Junior) Fuentes = Luis and Nikki's sons, Alex's nephews

Enrique (deceased) = cousin

Bill Ellis = father-in-law

Patricia Ellis = mother-in-law

Shelley Ellis = sister-in-law

Ceaser Reyes = stepfather



Brittany Ellis = wife,

Isabel (Isa) Avila = friend,

Paco (deceased) = best friend

Doug Thompson = friend,

Sierra = friend

Garry = friend, ex-jail mate

Carmen Sanchez = ex-girlfriend, one night stand

Colin Adams = Brittany's ex-boyfriend enemy

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