Carlos Fuentes is the middle Fuentes brother and was the man of the house when Alex moved to Colorado to go to college. Carlos always feels like he needs to keep his wall up so that nobody can hurt him like his ex-girlfriend Destiny did. Now his mom sends him to Colorado to live with Alex to get out of trouble, mainly from gangs. Carlos is married to Kiara Westford.


At first glance he is cool, handsome, and thinks he is all the above amazing. He's cocky and confident, also very competitive. Deeper beneath the surface, he is very protective of his family and doesn't feel like he needs anyone protecting him. When meeting Kiara he was just annoyed by her and not worth flirting with but defintitely making fun of. But now that he gets closer to Kiara he likes her even more. Which he thinks its a bad feeling and not a good idea. Carlos feels he's going to fall in love with her and not be able to let go of Kiara. He also fears that his connection to gangs would endanger her


Carlos has black hair, gorgeous eyes and plenty of tattoos just like his older brother.


Kiara Westford = wife

Cecilia Fuentes = daughter, with Kiara

2 Unnamed daughters = with Kiara

Lorena Fuentes = mother

Mr. Fuentes (deceased) = father

Alex Fuentes = older brother

Brittany Ellis = sister-in-law

Paco Fuentes = Alex and Brittany's son, Carlos' nephew

Unborn/Unnamed niece or nephew = Alex and Brittany's child

Luis Fuentes = younger brother

Nikki Cruz = sister-in-law

Enrique, Juan and Luis Junior (Junior) Fuentes = Luis and Nikki's sons, Carlos' nephews

Enrique (deceased) = cousin

Richard Westford = father-in-law

Colleen Westford = mother-in-law

Brandon Westford = brother-in-law

Ceaser Reyes = stepfather


Kiara Westford = wife, best friend

Ramiro (Ram) Garcia = best friend

Tucker (Tuck) Reese = friend

Destiny = ex-girlfriend

Madison Stone = former fling