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Kiara and Carlos in book trailer.

Kiara Westford is married to Carlos Fuentes. She lived with her mom, dad and little brother, Brandon. She has had speech problems all her life but recently it has gotten better. She stutters when she becomes emotional whether its sadness, anger, or embarrassment. On her Rules of Attraction paper, Tuck lists that she is funny, smart, sarcastic, a loyal friend, loves a challenge, and a great sister. Her skills are fixing cars, she's athletic, and knows when to shut up. She can't cook anything other than her special spinach and walnut salad.


Kiara has a different personality around different people. When shes with her best freind Tuck shes cool and is loose and can relax but when shes around people like Madison she stutters because of nervousness and or embaressment. Kiara is relutant to let Carlos win any of the games but she is not a sore loser. She cares deeply about the ones she loves like Brandon, for whom she was able to put away her bitter feelings towards Carlos just so Brandon could play with him. Kiara can be gentle, soft, and many times insecure when she compares herelf to Madison infront of Carlos. She knows that if she looks into Carlos' eyes she wont be able to hold up her wall any longer. She is often seen looking at Carlos from a distance and admiring the warmth he gives. Kiara is not used to getting in trouble, but that doesnt mean she cantpull-off a good prank. She is gently yet cunning when she wants to be. Kiara loves to hike mountains and then settle down there to just breath in the fresh air.


Kiara believes that she is plain and that shes not beautiful. According to Carlos, Kiara smells like raspberries, has soft hair, curves, beautiful legs, and chameleon (color changing) eyes.


Carlos Fuentes = husband

Cecilia Fuentes = daughter, with Carlos

2 unnamed daughters = with Carlos

Richard Westford = father

Colleen Westford = mother

Brandon Westford = younger brother

Lorena Fuentes = mother-in-law

Mr. Fuentes (deceased) = father-in-law

Alex Fuentes = brother-in-law

Brittany Ellis = sister-in-law, via Alex

Paco Fuentes = Alex and Brittany's son, Kiara's nephew

Unborn/Unnamed niece or nephew = Alex and Brittany's child

Luis Fuentes = brother-in-law

Nikki Cruz = sister-in-law, via Luis

Enrique, Jaun and Luis Junior (Junior) Fuentes = Luis and Nikki's sons, Kiara's nephews

Ceaser Reyes = stepfather-in-law


Carlos Fuentes = husband, best friend

Tucker (Tuck) Reese = best friend

Micheal Barra = ex-boyfriend

Madison Stone = enemy

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