Luis Fuentes is the youngest Fuentes brother. Luis is married to Nikki Cruz.


He is smart and thought to be the good child by his family. But he is really an aderaline junky who does crazy things. He wants to be an astronaut.


Luis has black hair and gorgeous eyes just like his older brothers.


Nikki Cruz = wife

Enrique Fuentes = son, with Nikki

Juan Fuentes = son, with Nikki

Luis Jr. (Junior) = son, with Nikki

Lorena Fuentes = mother

Hector Martinez (deceased) = father

Mr. Fuentes (deceased) = legal father

Alex Fuentes = older brother

Brittany Ellis = sister-in-law

Paco Fuentes = Alex and Brittany's son, Luis' nephew

Unborn/Unnamed niece or nephew = Alex and Brittany's child

Carlos Fuentes = older brother

Kiara Westford = sister-in-law

Cecilia Fuentes = Carlos and Kiara's daughter, Luis' niece

2 unnamed nieces = Carlos and Kiara's daughters

Enrique (deceased) = cousin

Dr. Raul Cruz = father-in-law

Maria Cruz = mother-in-law

Ben Cruz = brother-in-law

Cesar Reyes = stepfather


Nikki Cruz = wife, best friend

Derek = best friend

Kendall = friend

Pedro = friend

Jack Reyerson = friend

Brooke = friend

Jamie Bloomfield = friend

Eli Movitz = friend

Angelica Muñoz = friend, former fling

Mariana Castillo = ex-crush

Marco Delgado = ex-friend, enemy