Nicolasa Cruz, who goes by Nikki (sometimes Nik), is married to Luis Fuentes. She lived with her mother, father, and younger brother, Ben on the north side of Fairfield. Her father is the doctor who performed surgery on Alex when he was shot in Perfect Chemistry. Before Nikki can tell her boyfriend Marco (from the south side) that she is pregnant, he heartlessly dumps her to join the Latino Blood, a gang. After that, when her father is invited to Alex's wedding, she gets upset with Luis for flirting with her, and she knees him in his crotch. Luis reminds her of Marco so she hides his clothes when he is in the ocean with a girl. When she goes home she starts bleeding and her stomach starts hurting badly. Her parents rush her to the hosptial, where she finds out she had an ectopic pregnancy meaning her falliopian tube ruptured causing her to need emergency surgery. She almost died and her baby couldn't be saved.


After her harsh break-up with Marco and the loss of their child, Nikki is reluctant to get close to any guy. But when she spots Luis, she feels something. She knows hes going to hurt her so she tries to resist his charm which is really hard to do. Nikki was a "traitor" because she grew up on the north side like other rich kids and she did not own up to the fact she's Mexican. Adding on to the fact that she can hardly speak her native language, she's considered a sellout. Nikki later opens up her heart and she falls hard for Luis and supports him in every endeavor. According to Luis she has "angel with an edge" aura and an attitude a mile long.


Nikki has long wavy brown hair and according to Luis has exotic eyes and a really nice body.


Luis Fuentes = husband

Enrique Fuentes = son, with Luis

Juan Fuentes = son, with Luis

Luis Jr. (Junior) = son, with Luis

Unnamed child = miscarriage, with Marco

Dr. Raul Cruz = father

Maria Cruz = mother

Ben Cruz = younger brother

Lorena Fuentes = mother-in-law

Hector Martinez (deceased) = father-in-law

Mr. Fuentes (deceased) = legal father-in-law

Alex Fuentes = brother-in-law

Brittany Ellis = sister-in-law, via Alex

Paco Fuentes = Alex and Brittany's son, Nikki's nephew

Unborn/Unnamed niece or nephew = Alex and Brittany's child

Carlos Fuentes = brother-in-law

Kiara Westford = sister-in-law, via Carlos

Cecilia Fuentes = Carlos and Kiara's daughter, Nikki's niece

2 unnamed nieces = Carlos and Kiara's daughters

Cesar Reyes = stepfather-in-law


Luis Fuentes = husband, best friend

Kendall = best friend

Derek = friend, former dislike

Hunter McBride = friend

Mariana Castillo = possible dislike/enemy

Marco Delgado = ex-boyfriend, enemy